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Düsseldorf makes school... virtual education

Under the auspices of the Düsseldorf School Administration Office, the new "virtual education" tours offer exciting learning content for students and teachers.

It all started with the provision of free virtual museum tours at the time of the first lockdown in March 2020.

This gave rise to the idea of offering the culture experienced in this way as a supplement to school lessons. With the help of Werft 6, a completely new application was developed that is now available to students.

Pilot project with the Düsseldorf Memorial Center

The employees of Werft 6 and the Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Düsseldorf worked closely together to implement the idea of a digital workshop. The pilot project was financially supported by the Department of Culture, the School Administration Office and the BürgerStiftung Düsseldorf, among others.

Museum educators, art historians, and media experts worked together to prepare exhibition content, develop approaches and questions, and integrate them into the virtual tour. In the 3D presentation, there are information points at numerous exhibition units and locations where, in addition to tasks and content-related impulses, a large number of historical photos, documents, and audio and video contributions are stored.

The digital workshop as a pilot project illustrates how versatile teachers and students can use "virtual education": from individual tasks, individually compiled by teachers, to group work on various topics and events, to project days on which employees of the memorial can accompany classes and courses via video call.

New digital learning experience at Lockdown

For the students, the virtual visit and exploration of the exhibition content creates a completely new learning experience, which can be pioneering for digital learning.

The students can navigate independently in the virtual tour, deal with the content via the information points and research further links on the Internet.

The possibilities developed especially for this purpose are transferable to the most diverse areas of school requirements. The area of school sports in cooperation with the table tennis aces of Borussia Düsseldorf is already under development. Digital learning is thus conveyed in a playful way.

The tour is available online as a standalone application

Within the school environment, the tour can already be found in the learning management software "itslearning" as a resource in the library for teachers. Here, teachers can integrate the digital workshop into their courses. Worksheets on a variety of exhibition topics are also available individually. In this way, teachers can individually compile suitable tasks for their courses and students.

The digital tour can now be visited on the following website. There is also a trailer on the creation of the project as well as exciting photos:


Student Access

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Preliminary teacher information

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